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The Top 5 Sober Living Rules for Long-Term Sobriety - Donny's House

Are you or someone you know in need of a safe and supportive environment to maintain sobriety? Sober living homes can be a great option for individuals who have completed addiction treatment and need continued support to stay sober. However, it's important to understand the rules and guidelines of sober living to ensure long-term success. In this blog post, we'll discuss the top five sober living rules for maintaining sobriety and link to Donny's House, a reputable sober living home in your area.

1. No drugs or alcohol

The number one rule of sober living is to abstain from drugs and alcohol. All residents must pass regular drug and alcohol tests to ensure they're maintaining sobriety. At Donny's House, we have a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use and take the safety and well-being of our residents very seriously.

2. Attend meetings and therapy sessions

Regular attendance at meetings and therapy sessions is a crucial component of sobriety. Residents are required to attend a certain number of 12-step meetings per week and may also be required to attend group therapy sessions. At Donny's House, we provide a variety of resources for residents to help them stay on track, including access to local meetings and therapy services.

3. Participate in household chores

At Donny's House, we believe that maintaining a clean and organized living space is essential for promoting a positive and healthy environment. Residents are expected to participate in household chores such as cleaning, cooking, and yard work to contribute to the upkeep of the home.

4. Follow curfew and policies

Maintaining a structured routine is important for staying on track in sobriety. Residents are required to adhere to a curfew. These rules help ensure that residents are taking responsibility for their actions and are not putting their sobriety at risk.

5. Respect others and their recovery journey

One of the most important rules of sober living is to respect others and their recovery journey. Residents must be considerate of others and refrain from engaging in any behavior that could trigger or jeopardize someone else's sobriety. At Donny's House, we foster a supportive and inclusive community where everyone is encouraged to grow and thrive in sobriety.

In conclusion, sober living can be an excellent way to maintain sobriety and build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. By following these top five sober living rules, residents can maximize their chances of success and build a meaningful life in sobriety. If you or someone you know is seeking a sober living home in your area, we encourage you to check out Donny's House and learn more about our comprehensive and compassionate sober living program.

To learn more about Donny's House and our sober living program, please visit our website at

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